Top 10 Weird Ways to Make Money Online

It is not always easy to make personal financial decisions. Most times, you find yourself involved in some weird stuff just to earn a living (you can’t be blamed for that).

There is absolutely nothing wrong with adopting these ways as long as it is not illegal. Therefore, every legitimate way to make money, weird or not, is very much welcome.

Technology has provided many possible ways you can make money, no matter how strange. Amongst these are several uncommon ways which unknown to people can earn you good money.

It could include selling of hair, beta test products, winning eating contests, selling of semen, and putting up company for rent, amongst others. Read on to find out how;

Weird Ways to Make Money Online

1. Selling of Hair

Most people with long hair do not know that their hairs can get them money, which is why they always waste them after trimming them. Let us shock you. If you have a long hair of around six inches that you are willing to cut, several online niches can pay you to have them. Sound weird, doesn’t it?

If you are ignorant of how much your hair is worth, all you need to do is to take a picture of the length of your hair, and it will be measured by the site’s hair worth estimator.

Several hair and beauty sites serve as a means for those of you that have healthy hairs to sell to those that purchase it for wig purposes.

2. Getting Paid to Beta Test Products

There are several products in which you can beta test and get paid. It might seem easier and conventional to get paid by beta reading or testing a new application.

However, ever heard of beta testing commodities such as condoms or dining or seeing a movie? Of course, they are also among the conventional or weird ways to get paid online.

So many people, particularly students in college, earn money by trying out various commodities. For instance, firms that produce condoms pay persons to beta test them and provide genuine feedback.

You can be paid to beta test new tampons, feminine hygiene commodities, etc. You can opt to earn money from seeing a movie or dining at a restaurant and then providing feedback.

3. Win Eating Contest

One of the weirdest ways to make money online is by contesting and winning eating competitions. This medium will sound quite interesting for persons with a considerable appetite, who love to eat and who eat hurriedly.

Nothing is useless after all. Let’s get it straight; you can get paid by just knowing how to eat and winning in such competitions.

Several websites organize these competitions, and it is fast turning into a sport that is winning lots of viewers.

It could involve placing an amount of money for any contestant that can successfully finish a stipulated number of pizza slices at a stipulated time. You can also be earning huge pay by consuming strange stuff such as chili peppers or strange meal combos.

With these contests and some others, you stand a chance of going home with huge sums. You can also earn huge money by running a website that hosts and arranges these food contests and get people to place a bet on their preferred contestants.

4. Selling of Semen

This medium sounds very odd and weird, doesn’t it? It doesn’t matter how odd it seems, as long as you get to earn huge money from it. These days, several persons engage in the selling of their semen to make money. It could be for scientific purposes or medical reasons.

Some online niches provide a medium for people to get paid by giving out their sperm for sale, especially if the required conditions such as physiological, mental, or physical conditions are met. It is undoubtedly one of the weirdest ways you can consider making money online.

5. Write Online Dating Profiles

This is one weird yet more realistic way to make money online. One of the hottest sections of the internet world today is the online dating sites, where millions of persons are subscribing to every day, searching and hoping to see their ideal partner. What does that tell you? It entails that many persons are striking out.

Getting an ideal partner on a dating profile requires work, as you’ll need to create excellent images and write an appealing profile. Combining the photos with suitable words makes it easier to attract potential dating matches. If you are one of those that has a sharp eye for detail and are good with words, you can earn money by helping people write dating profiles online.

6. Get Paid to Lose Weight

There is nothing wrong with losing only a few pounds of weight as long as it can earn you good pay. There are online websites such as HealthyWage, amongst others, which will allow you to set goals for target weight loss and bet against themselves.

For instance, assuming your weight loss target is 10 pounds, you can place a bet with any amount of money and then set out to reach the required 10 pounds loss by the stipulated target period.

If eventually you win by losing the target weight at the set date, you will earn some money and vice versa. As simple as that. You also have a chance to take part in team contests or do it alone.

7. Selling your Poop

At first glance, this medium not only sounds weird but also crazy. However, whether you believe it or not, you might just be flushing money down the toilet when you can easily change your mind by selling your poop to a fecal bank, and in the process, you’re helping others.

Your waste can be beneficial to others via the fecal microbiota transplant process that is useful for the treatment of various sicknesses. You can also be matched with a fecal transplant donor.

The demand for this type of service is increasingly becoming high, and no matter how weird it might sound, it is undoubtedly an obvious opportunity to make money. However, you’ve to be careful with the choice of your business partner.

8. Stream Video Games

Most people are ignorant of the fact that they can move on from playing videos for fun to making huge pay by streaming them on Twitch.

However, it is a little challenging to make money from streaming games on Twitch, as it requires a bit of personality, willingness to update content and a lot of time for consistent posting.

However, those with the required resources can succeed in it and even become a Twitch Affiliate or Partner in the process. You can make huge money when you generate subscribers and even potentially earn sponsorships and promotional avenues for streaming on Twitch.

Though it’s quite difficult, once you succeed, you’re moving towards becoming a professional gamer or Esports participant.

9. Starting of Blog

It might sound weird if we tell you that you can blog to make money, but it is very possible. You only need to select a particular niche you wish to work with and be smart enough to create content.

With blogging, you can earn huge pay through the use of Google AdSense and directly reaching out to potential advertising partners.

Once you create a cooking blog, you can contact food and kitchen supply partners who are interested in applying paid ads on your site.

However, it requires so much hard work to set up and monetize a blog; but with patience and consistency, you can do it and get paid sooner rather than later.

10. Sleep and Get Paid

Do you know you can get paid for just sleeping? This might sound very strange considering the common notion that a bit of sleep and more work get you to success. But we’ve found out that it’s very possible to can get paid to sleep. Yes, we will tell you how.

Several companies engage people into taking part in sleep studies, the ultimate passive income. For instance, a company called ‘Eachnight’ presently gives offers for people to sleep for one month to get a whopping $1,500 for 1 month.

In other words, you can make money just for getting extra time to nap while also enhancing your wellbeing.