How to Start a Bakery Business from Home

Bakeries are a popular foodservice business because they allow you to showcase your culinary skills while catering to a certain market.

People with non-culinary backgrounds can also enter the industry by opening a home bakery. Unlike other types of companies, starting a bakery has several unique challenges.

We’ll help you through the whole process of starting a bakery, from creating a business plan to raising funds to obtain permits and choosing the right equipment.

How to Start a Bakery Business from home

Here are the steps to starting a home-based baking business if you’re ready to start baking for a living.

Your baked items should be priced accordingly

Most bakeries base their retail prices on the cost of ingredients and the amount of time it takes to produce the goods, but Green says that this formula is inaccurate.

“Clean up time, packaging, and time spent advertising your business on social media should all be included in your budget,” she advises. “In a bakery, the most crucial hidden expense is time.”

It’s very easy to fail to track of how much time you spend making flowers while watching TV. Nothing is worse than realizing later that you did an amazing job for 50 cents an hour.”

Inquire about the regulations that apply to food service businesses in your state

You’ll need to obtain the necessary licenses and permits to establish your firm. This information will be available from your municipal or county government representatives.

You may be able to get the information you need and apply for your license online.

Contact your state’s tax or comptroller’s office if you’re unsure whether you need to collect sales tax on your food.

Your sales tax permit is usually available online. 7 They’re usually free, but you’ll have to pay sales tax on the items you sell every month or quarter.

Check to determine if a food tax is required of you

Some governments and localities levy a food tax and collect sales tax.

Most states and municipalities include information about starting a business on their official websites to help you answer this question and learn how to do it.

Make a list of all the baked goods you’d like to sell

Concentrate on a few items at a time at the beginning, such as baking bread or cookies. You can expand your menu as you get more comfortable with your business and learn what works and what your customers want.

Put into consideration what will make your baked goods stand out. Is it true that all of your products, for instance, are made using organic ingredients? Is it free of gluten?

Make a business strategy

Meticulously Separate cooking equipment and supplies should be purchased. This is a legal requirement in your state, but it’s also good to keep your personal and business finances separate, especially for tax considerations.

For your items, place an order for packing and labeling.

Market Shamelessly

Your treats should be sold. Create a marketing strategy for locating and reaching your target market.

Take them to your local farmer’s market, sell them online (you can have online ordering with personal delivery or ship your things if they’re sturdy enough to transport), and consign them to local cafés, restaurants, and other food-related businesses.

You might want to explore launching a food blog to promote your product and generate additional revenue.

Goodies you can prepare at home

There are many various goodies you may prepare at home when it comes to baking, including:

  • Cookies
  • Pastries
  • Muffins
  • Bread
  • Cakes and Cupcakes

After all, you’re already baking, so starting a home-based bakery can sound like much fun.

However, there are a some disadvantages to beginning a home-based baking business that you should think about before baking your first batch of treats.

Benefits of Starting a Home-Based Baking Business

There are several compelling reasons to begin selling your baked products from your own home, including:

  • Assuming you enjoy baking, do what you enjoy.
  • Expression of the mind. Perhaps you added a personal touch to your baked goods.
  • It’s simple to get started. You already have a kitchen and some cooking experience.
  • There’s always a demand for delectable baked goodies.
  • Depending on your baked goods’ ability to be delivered or shipped, you can sell locally and online.

Disadvantages of Starting a Baking Business from Home

All businesses, including those that entail selling baked products from home, have drawbacks, such as:

Foodservice businesses are normally governed by your state’s occupational or health department, so check out the regulations in your state governing the selling of baked goods and make sure you follow them.

Most states require your baking supplies (such as flour) and equipment (such as mixers and spoons) to be kept in a different location from your personal cooking items.

In some circumstances, a separate kitchen is required.  Although some states permit you to use your kitchen, you will still require separate equipment and supplies.

Because you only get money when you sell baked products, you can spend much time in the kitchen to make enough goods to achieve your earning goals.

Your customers may not like your meal as much as your family does.

It is paramount for you to know how to stand out in a crowd if you want to succeed.

If you’re successful, you’ll probably outgrow your current kitchen.

What you’ll need to start a Baking Business from Home

It should go without saying that you know how to bake and that your creations are delicious. When launching a baking business, there are a few other factors to consider, including:

A sufficient level of expertise and understanding in the safe preparation of food and potential dietary concerns.

For example, if you have some peanuts in your kitchen, you should inform customers who are allergic to the nut.

A background in retail or food service would be advantageous

A good supply of ingredients and space to keep them, a regular shopping schedule, and reliable suppliers are all essential.

Always note that you might need to keep your tools and supplies separate from your personal belongings.

Any licenses or inspections that your state, county, and municipal may demand. A health inspector may visit your home. Understanding your competition and how your baked goods will stand out.


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