How to Make Money Without a Job

Despite the increasingly growing population of the world today, there has also been an increase in job opportunities. The reason why people today think there are no jobs is that they are only seeking white-collar jobs, in which they can comfortably sit in offices and get paid every month.

This notion has become common that even teenagers have bought into the idea, and have made plans to seek white-collar jobs, and failure to have it would resign to sitting jobless at home, thereby increasing the unemployment levels in the world.

It might interest you to know that there are some other non-office jobs out there that can earn you higher pay than most office jobs.

We’ve seen what unemployment causes to youths and teens’ future; which is why we have made research and come up with different ways to make money as a teen. Below are some ideas on how to make money as a teenager without a job;

How to Make Money Without a Job

 This article will take you through some of the ways you can make money as a teen without a job (you can also be doing that as a side hustle).

Mind you, some of these jobs might sound weird and abnormal, but as long as they are legit and can earn you money especially when you are jobless, then there is nothing wrong with that.

1. Register for Online Survey Sites

This method is increasingly becoming a common source through which teens can earn some pay.

Online survey sites offer lots of opportunities for making some money without having to leave home every day in the name of work. Most companies today highly desire teen opinions to thrive in that marketplace.

And the most common way they are using to discover what teens want and love spending money on is through online survey sites. There are lots of sites through which teens can make surveys and earn some cash including Cashcrate, Swagbucks, Treasure Trooper, etc.

Through the sites, you can take surveys, play online games, watch videos, complete challenges & tasks, and lots more in exchange for some cash. Interesting, isn’t it?

2. Register for Passive Income Apps

Passive income is simply an income stream that doesn’t need much of your attention, yet keeps earning you massive income.

If you are an adult, your passive income would be real estate or a blog. But, if you are a teen and you want to establish passive income routes, then you need to utilize your cell phone.

You might not earn as much as you dream of with the passive income apps, but it’ll certainly earn you some money that you may find hard to come by when sitting jobless at home. After all, it doesn’t require hard work other than using your phone to earn.

Passive income apps like cashback apps, video rewards, data collection, have provided means to earn a little more side cash for those that love shopping.

Popular cashback apps like Rakuten, dosh, swashbucks, and others are platforms where you can sign up to watch gaming Livestream and get paid.

3. Sell Stuffs You No Longer Need

There are certain things that you don’t need or use anymore, yet are hanging around and occupying spaces.

It might be stuff that you never wanted or needed in the first place, and you must have been looking for means to discard them. You don’t need to discard them anyway, as you can make money from selling them.

The world is going digital and even platforms have been created for selling unwanted properties or possessions. Check out sites like Ducluttr and Depop, which has increasingly become go-to-sites for buying and selling second-hand stuff like clothing.

It doesn’t demand fees to list items but just a 10% commission after making sales. As a teen, it is an exciting prospect to make money without a job.

4. Doing Odd Weekend & Holiday Jobs

Doing odd jobs during the weekends and holidays is another means you can make money as a teenager without a job. Although this is a more traditional means compared to the other online mediums, it is very realistic and can earn you good pay.

There are lots of jobs that people would rather have others paid to do for them than put their time to it themselves, especially when they believe they have money to sort it out after all.

You must have heard of people getting paid to mown other people’s lawns, clean houses, do yard work, help with grocery shopping, paint fences, drop off or pick up dry cleaning, etc. These jobs offer teenagers exciting opportunities to get paid and are quick and simple.

5. Do Jobs around the House and Get Paid by Your Parents

After all, Charity they say, begins at home. As a teenager, you can do chores for your parents and relatives and get paid.

These jobs range from cleaning, vacuuming, and washing the car, doing laundry activities, cleaning up clustered spaces, rearranging the kitchen cabinets, cleaning the windows, etc. You can do this to fetch you some money to spend around while being jobless.

6. Acquire a Part-Time Job

A part-time job is a more traditional approach that can earn you some money as a jobless teen and is increasingly becoming one of the most popular means ever.

You can apply for a job as a waitress or serve in a local coffee house. You can also apply for retail jobs as a sales personnel.

The latter is accompanied by a staff discount especially if it is a cosmetic store or your preferred clothing shop.

For the availability of these jobs, you can follow up with your local newspaper offices or see your local paper’s job ads section. You’ll find different part-time options that offer you the opportunity to earn money as a teen.

7. Sell Stuff at School

This method seems like a more realistic way for some teens without jobs to make some money. As long as the school is concerned, it makes for a captive market that adults cannot access.

Here, you can also build on your client’s (other students) trust, as well as an insider’s experience of your market.

There are several products that you can sell to your fellow teens in school which will be quite appealing to them like school supplies (pencils, erasers, pens, rulers, notebooks, etc.), candy/sweets, energy drinks, and canned drinks.

Again, do not rush into buying products in bulk until you’ve tried it on your peers to avoid being stuck with too many energy drinks.

8. Become a Tutor

You can be a tutor to other students and earn money. So many teens before you have tried it and it worked and is still working for others.

You don’t necessarily need to be excellent in a subject before you tutor others, as long as you are a couple of steps ahead of them and committed to learning as you go, you can do it. After all, patience, they say, speaks louder than knowledge.

There are lots of things that you can teach, as long as you have the basic ideas needed for your students to learn and are more experienced than them.

You can teach someone how to play an instrument, coach them in a sport, teach a subject to prepare someone for upcoming exams, especially home lessons on Math or English, prepare someone for a public speaking event, etc.

9. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube has provided so many opportunities where people can make money including teens, without necessarily having to be an employee in a firm.

As a teen without a job, you can source stories about other successful teens who began their YouTube channel at a very tender age and are now highly skilled and tutoring others how to make money.

YouTube is a veritable tool for the present visual generation who uses the visual media like it’s fizzling out. It provides a platform where teens can express their talents, interests, and hobbies.

You can gain inspiration from Ryan Kaji, an 8-year-old boy who makes videos of himself reviewing toys, has over a 27million subscribers, and accrued over $25million in 2019.

10. Establish a Blog

There is no age limit to blogging; hence as a teenager, you can start a blog, especially since you don’t have a job and that gives you more time to establish your blog.

Blogging demands some patience, as it is a long-game potential income stream. It might not give you fast money every week, yet it is a huge investment when you put your dedication and time into it.

Just like YouTubers, as a blogger, you can earn your money through different activities like ads network, sponsorship, and selling of your products. You can also earn in blogging by becoming an affiliate.

In other words, you apply for an affiliate program with a company like Amazon and recommend their products to people. Once any reader clicks on any of your affiliate links and gets the product, you get a little commission.