How to Get a Part-Time Job as a Teenager

Getting a part-time job is an excellent way to earn extra money and gain professional experience as a teenager. To search for a job, skim through listings and visit businesses to complete applications in person. 

You can greatly increse your chances of landing a job by creating a winning resume and prepare for the interview. 

How to Get a Part-Time Job as a Teenager

Below are the various tips that will help you get a part time job as a teenager:

1. Search for jobs that matches with your skills and interest

List all your interests and then match them to part-time jobs that are related. Any job that connects you to one of your passions or skills has a built-in appeal, which can help keep you motivated. 

2. Think of part-time jobs that teenagers often have

It is advisable to search for jobs that interest you, nevertheless you need to broaden your search. Even when a job isn’t your first choice, you should consider applying for jobs like babysitter, restaurant waiter, cashier and store bagger. 

3. Look online for credible job openings

Visit job platfroms like Linkedin and search for part-time jobs tailored for teens. Enter relevant keywords, such as “teenager,” “babysitter,” “camp counselor,” “restaurant host,” “grocery bagger,” or “cashier.” 

4. Stop by the companies to ask if they are hiring

Pay a visit to restaurants, stores and other businesses and ask to speak to the manager. Ask for open positions geared towards teens or if you can fill out an application.

Remember to be enthusiastic, courteous and professional when talking to potential employers. 

5. See if you know someone who is looking for a part-time employee

Ask your parents and other family members to ask their friends and co-workers for part-time opening you could fill. 

This varies from location to location, and age of the job seeker, you might be required to obtain a permit from your local labor department. Look online for your country, state, or province requirements, or consult your school’s guidance counselor.

7. Write and review your resume carefully

Errors make a resume look unprofessional and they can hurt your chances of getting hired. Once you’re done constructing your resume, reviewed it and then ask a gaudian or teacher to read it over and give you feedback.

8. Dress professionally when you attend an interview

Ideally, you do not need to wear a suit or formal interview clothes for most part-time jobs, but you shouldn’t wear a T-shirt and jeans either.

A button-down shirt and pants or a skirt are good wardrobe options.

9. Show the interviewer that you are mature, professional, and responsible

Ensure you make eye contact and firmly shake hands with the manager when you arrive for the interview.

Speak confidently and eloquently, be honest and show enthusiasm. Also, maintain good posture instead of slouching or lying down when sitting. 

10. Be on time

Punctuality is king when it comes to working and being late is viewed as unprofessional, so ensure you know how to get to the interview before time.

If you need a ride, make arrangements in advance and allow an extra 15-20 minutes to account for traffic, parking issues, and other unforeseen circumstances.

11. Research the company

It doesn’t matter if you’re applying to be a cashier or an ice cream picker, you need to be abreast about your potential employer.

Take some time to visit the company’s website, read the “About” page, and look for any other information available on the internet about the company.

12. Ask for help to practice for the interview

Ask your parent, guardian or other trusted adult in your life to pose as the hiring manager and help you practice for the interview process.

They should ask you interview questions and, where necessary, offer advice to improve your answers.

13. Ask the employer questions during the interview

Use your research to find questions to ask during the interview. For example, you can ask about the training process, the history of the company, or what the interviewer likes best about the company. 

14. Try to relax, be yourself and keep a positive attitude

Searching for a job can be rather stressful, especially if you’re looking for your first job as a teenager. So try not to push yourself too hard.

By taking the time to prepare, stay calm, and look and act professional, you’ll be sure to succeed in the interview.

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