How Much Does It Cost to Start a Taxi Business?

Taxi business is one of the fast-growing businesses our days. You can engage in the taxi business as you choose to. Taxi business is one of the Profitable businesses you can do as a man and expect buoyant profit daily.

There are different means of doing business these days. You can choose to be a driver owning your car or driving for a taxi company and giving them a particular percentage of the profit made every day of work.

You can as well choose not to engage in the driving, establish a taxi company in your capacity, give out to the drivers who will not mind driving it, and give you s percentage based on agreement every day they work with it.

The company may have many or few cars they give to drivers and generate income through that without driving but owning the vehicle.

How much does it cost to start a taxi business?

No business demands, not capital input. All forms of business requirements, no matter how small, money to start up.

Although for the taxi, you have different capital demand depending on what level of taxi business you are doing. Be it driving for a company, driving for oneself, or owning a company.

Either of these three requires capital. The good news is that no matter your present state, you can reach the most convenient but expensive level of the taxi business if you can start small by driving for companies.

This will help you to gather a reasonable amount to get your car, having all the profit to yourself and save up to get one, two or more cars that you can give out to drivers to drive for a daily profit with your property without driving.

How much you need to start each category of taxi business

Here he how much you need to start each category of taxi business;

Driving for taxi companies

Driving for taxi companies is the cheapest capital for starting a taxi business. You can easily start without a bit of delay about money.

All you need is to pay for the form, register, and get ahead with the business. You are not required to purchase anything big or involve a huge amount of money before starting. After registration, you start working and earning from the very first day.

Driving your own car

This taxi business is a bit different from the previous one. Instead of driving someone else’s property and accounting a certain percentage to them, you own your property and have a profit for yourself.

However, unlike the previous, this level of taxi business involves huge capital based on the car cost.

That’s all. You need to get your car, get it licensed, and register for the business before you can earn with it. Some companies have made this easier.

They tend to give out cars for drivers to pay for it gradually. The amount it would be sold will be higher than when it was just sold and paid for once, but it permits drivers to gradually pay the money for a year.

Owning a taxi company

This is the most expensive aspect, not the taxi business. Although, depending on the level at which you want to take the company.

Some taxi companies are not even different from the cost of a start-up on that. They only bought one car, registered it, and gave it out to the driver to make money with it.

The profit expected from such can not reach the previous one because the profit needs to be shared between the company and the driver.

However, many of these companies have more than one car. Some have five to ten or even more in the company.

To start such up is going to be expensive. This is the most profitable and stressless taxi business if you have the money.


Depending on your interest and current status, you now know how much it can take you to start any form of taxi business.

The business can be good as a side business for some. They do other things while they manage the company side.

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